You get to pick the plays that make up your highlight video. This way, you get to represent yourself to coaches how you see fit.


  • Biography screen with all your stats, awards and honors.
  • Your best highlights edited into a 2-3 minute video (length suggested by NCAA coaches).
  • We spotlight you in the footage to make sure the coach doesn't miss your big play.
  • Online VIMEO link in HD that you can email, embed, and link to anyone!
  • Not only do you receive the highlight video, but you receive the raw film of every game we use in your highlight video, sent to you via download link.
  • Already have your own film? Elevation can even edit your existing home footage.


  • You order the games you want from our EVENTS PAGE.
  • We send you the games via download link within 2 weeks. 
  • The games will download directly to your computer. 
  • Watch the games, find out how many clips you want in your highlight video and PLACE YOUR ORDER.
  • Decide the exact moments during your games that you want to highlight, including any from home video clips, and SUBMIT YOUR PLAYLIST AND BIO SCREEN. 
  • Home videos can be submitted by filling out the form and sending it to us. SUBMIT HOME VIDEO FOOTAGE HERE.
  • Within about 10 business days, your video will be online and ready to share with coaches!