- If you download your game files but are unable to play them using the software on your computer, please download the free program VLC MEDIA PLAYER. This should give you improved performance.
- If your download links have expired, please contact us and we'll reactivate your links. There will be a $50 reactivation fee.
- If you've ordered film as an individual, the download files are encrypted to prevent sharing. If you would like to upgrade your footage to the Team Pack to open up more downloads, please contact us and we're happy to change your order.


Did you film my game?
We may have. Each tournament listed on our Events Page will have a Game List of available games for purchase. If you don't see your game on those lists, we don't have it available. 

How does a Highlight Video work?
When purchasing a highlight video, you will need to purchase game film for the games you want included in your highlight video. Once the games are filmed, you will receive download links for the games within 2 weeks of the end of the tournament. At that time, you will download the games to your computer. Then the highlight process begins. We allow you to pick the highlights you want us to use in your video. Watch through your games, find the plays you want, then send us a “Playlist” via email. (Instructions for creating a Playlist will be sent to you with your download links as well). We will take your Playlist and create your highlight video. The video will be posted to our Vimeo page, where you can watch, share or embed the video anywhere. The video will remain on our page indefinitely. 

Can I get DVDs of my Games instead?
Yes, it's a one-time fee of $50. CLICK HERE to order.

Why does my game film have no audio?
Coaches do not need audio simply because it's irrelevant to their process. 95% of the time, the camera audio is useless because of windy conditions. The other 5% of the time, the audio is peppered with inappropriate comments from spectators and is unsuitable to leave in tact with the video. Furthermore, the on-camera mics used by our shooters are not sophisticated enough to catch important sounds, like player communication, in a quality that can be considered useable for a coach. Thus, Elevation removes all audio from the footage by default. 

I can't play the game film video file on my PC!
Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Quicktime Player, which is a free download at If that doesn't work and your video is only showing a black screen, download VLC PLAYER as mentioned above in the Troubleshooting Tips. 

Why is my video file only 40 minutes long when the game was 60 minutes?
Generally, a 60 minute tournament game only has 30-40 minutes of actual game play. When filming a game, our shooters will stop recording during down time, such as out-of-bounds balls, penalties, sub-outs, or injury delays. Think of it like skipping over the commercials on your DVR at home. 

My video is only 20 minutes long. Where's the rest?
Due to the large file size of the downloads, your download will sometimes timeout, meaning the file isn't completely downloaded to your computer. If you find that a large portion of your game is missing, first try re-downloading the file. Your download may not have completed the first time around. 

Many athletes on our team are interested in purchasing a highlight video. Can this be done?
Definitely. We don't film specific players on the field, we follow the play. If your son or daughter was involved in the game, chances are we have great clips of them. We can generally create a highlight video for any member of the team at a game that we filmed. 

My athlete participated at a tournament you guys were shooting, however, we did not pre-order any package. Am I still able to purchase a package?
We will certainly take a look at the games we have archived from that tournament, and determine if there is enough footage to make a highlight tape for recruiting. If for instance we only have one full game, we will work with you to figure out a plan from there. 

How can we trust that you can identify the exact highlights that we want included in my final video?
When you purchase our services, we allow you to be in full control of the content. We make all your purchased games available to you to view on your own via internet link. You view the footage and determine which plays you want incorporated. For more information about this process, check out our PLAYLIST INSTRUCTIONS

In addition to the games you shoot, I have two full games that I shot on my own from earlier in the season, which I would like incorporated into the highlight tape. Is this possible?
Yes, we do work with home video footage. Just give us the media (preferably in QuickTime format, however we can work with most formats) and the time codes of the specific highlights you want incorporated, and you will see it in your final video. Make sure to check out our Home Editing Options for info and pricing. 

What is Vimeo?
Vimeo is an online video hosting web site, much like Youtube. However, Vimeo has a much more professional reputation, and is typically a more private platform. 

How long is my video's web life?
We will keep your video viewable online until your son or daughter graduates high school. Every 12 months or so, our editors will go to our video library and delete highlight videos that have "expired," meaning that the athlete has graduated and the video is no longer relevant. 

I ordered a highlight package, but my child was injured/pulled from the game/sick/unable to play. Can I have a refund?
Unfortunately, we are not in control of how much, or how well your child performs in any given game and refunds are not available once a game as been shot. Learn more about our ORDER CANCELLATION INSURANCE to protect your order in the event of a player injury. You may also refer to our complete refunds policy here for a broader explanation of what constitutes refund eligibility. 

I want a refund!
Please read our refunds and returns policy here.

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