With our NEXT LEVEL Highlight Video®, Elevation will help you sell yourself to coaches around the nation. Stand out amongst your teammates and make an impression with the college recruiters! At Elevation Video, we let YOU pick the plays that make up your highlight video. This way, you get to represent yourself to coaches how you see fit. If we let our editor pick your plays for you, you may end up with a highlight video that uses footage you wouldn't want a coach to see, or a video that's missing footage you felt was important to representing your talent!

What's a NEXT LEVEL video?

Showcase your talents with an online video that you can share with anyone!

"Jon and his editing team were great! Wonderfully responsive to all my questions. Produced a beautiful product which is user friendly and convenient! Exceeded my expectations in an age where competence and service are rare at most companies! Thank you!"

Mrs. Dunn, 205 East Highlight Client

   Here's a great example of a NEXT LEVEL Highlight Video. With all our highlight videos, we let YOU choose the plays you put into your video. Just fill out our PLAYLIST SUBMISSION FORM and our editors will take it from there!